The Stuff 50ml - 99kr

The Stuff

Fruit - Apple Lime

Apple Lime eliquid by The Sweet Stuff is a combination of sharp fruit flavours, ideal for vapers who prefer bold tastes. A crisp apple is present on inhale before being complemented by a zesty lime for a distinct vape.

Fruit - Berry Lime

Berry Lime eliquid is a sweet and sharp fusion with distinctive fruity notes. The mixed berries flavour creates a juicy inhale, with a strawberry aftertaste, countered on exhale by a zesty lime, that adds a citrus kick.

Fruit - Grape Berry

Grape Berry eliquid by The Sweet Stuff is a fruit blend with a bold taste, perfect for those vapers who prefer dark, rich flavours. A bittersweet grape is fused with a selection of juicy mixed berries for a layered eliquid.

Fruit - Honeydew BlackCurrant

Honeydew Blackcurrant eliquid is a fruit blend that combines sweet and sour notes. The honeydew melon flavour creates a juicy tasting inhale, that is countered by tart blackcurrant to finish.

Fruit - Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime eliquid by The Sweet Stuff is a citrus blend which plays between sharp and sour tastes. a zesty lemon and lime combine throughout for a balanced eliquid, ideal for vapers who like zingy flavours.

Fruit - Orange, Pineapple & Guava

Orange, Pineapple and Guava eliquid is a fusion of tropical fruit flavours. The pineapple and guava come through straight away for a sweet and tart inhale, intensified by the citrus notes of orange on exhale.

Fruit - Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum

Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum eliquid by The Sweet Stuff is a fruit medley containing a sugary candy undertone, ideal for those sweet tooth vapers. A fusion of ripe-tasting watermelon and juicy strawberry is countered by smooth bubblegum notes.

Sweet - Bubblegum Candy

Bubblegum Candy eliquid is a sweet, nostalgic blend. The bubblegum flavour has a distinctive fruit note, with a sugary exhale created by the candy flavour, creating a layered vape.

Sweet - Pink Sherbet

Pink Sherbet eliquid combines fruit and candy for a sugary vape. The fruit medley and sherbet combine for a taste that balances sweet and sharp notes, creating a complex flavour.

Sweet - Strawberry Laces

Strawberry Laces eliquid combines fruit and candy for a sweet taste. The strawberry laces flavour creates a juicy tasting inhale with sugary notes, intensified on exhale by the tangy sherbet twist.

VG/PG = 70/30

Denna vara levereras som en shortfill om du beställer med nikotin, vilket innebär följande:

50ml – (Tillsätt en Nicshot (18mg, 10ml) för att få 60ml 3mg e-juice)

OBS! Dessa juicer är TPD anpassade och kommer enbart i 0mg. För att få önskad nikotinmängd så köper du till dina nikotinshots.

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